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Brave Frontier Elements and Arena Guide

In the game Brave Frontier there are essentially six elements, including Fire, Earth, Thunder, Water, Dark and Light. The elements are programmed in such a way that each one has a certain strength and weakness against one other element. This means that a particular element can inflict more damage to another element but also takes much more damage from some other component. This way a sort of equilibrium is maintained so that all components remain equally powerful and no one takes undue advantage.

When you begin your game, you are required to choose a unit from one of the four main factors, that is Water, Fire, Magic and Earth. These elements can be later fused and evolved into their bigger forms which are more powerful.

Here is a quick list about the aspects

Water - Strong towards Fire

Fireplace - strong against Planet

Earth -- strong in opposition to Thunder

Okc - powerful against Drinking water

Light : strong versus Dark

Darkish - solid against Light

There is a unique relationship among the light and the dark aspect, as both are powerful next to each other as well as weak, which means light inflicts greater damage to dark but additionally takes greater damage from it.


The Arena in Brave Frontier is a place where you can battle other players and prove your mettle. You can get 3 entries into the Arena since you're given 3 orbs and each entry costs one orb. However these recharge with time as well as regenerate once every hour.

Also if you aren't comfortable facing any player, due to whichever reason, you can choose to skip the fight by going back using the "back" option in the menu.

There are also specific rules to the arena, which are:

1 . Attacks are made through all units automatically

2 . The team that is able to knock out the actual opponent is actually declared the particular winner

three. If a knockout doesn't happen, winner is decided based on higher number of surviving units, better HP and also greater damage inflicted on the opponent.

Upon winning battles in the arena, you are granted Arena Battle points or ABP. Each win gets you a lot more ABP, leading to increasing your level with time whereas each loss takes away ABP from you.

Also, you lose far more battle points if you lose to gamers that are ranked below you while you gain more ABP if you defeat players rated above you. So you have to be wise in choosing the right strategy.

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